IT training & E-learning

The third objective for this foundation is to provide the youth of Tawergha with the necessities for development.

North Africa Libya Tawergha IT Training and E-learning

To accomplish this goal we will try to contact organizations willing to provide free   training, education and access to resources and financial assistance.

Our own company will provide whatever we can share or spare and we hope our contacts at companies like Microsoft will contribute to this program.

Microsoft has established the Afrika Academy, an education platform leveraging both online and offline learning tools, to help Africans develop both technical and business skills for entrepreneurship and improved employability. Training through the Afrika Academy will be made available starting in March at no cost to recent university graduates, government leaders, and the Microsoft partner community.

Supported by Microsoft employees from around the world, the program will offer internships and placements with Microsoft and with the company’s thousands of partners across Africa. Microsoft is committed to helping millions of Africans obtain the skills for entrepreneurship and employability, and this is just the first step in that direction.

We'll try to connect with Development Projects like  Samsung's Solar Powered Internet Schools Program which provides a technology-rich learning and teaching environment to classrooms across multiple countries in Africa.

The program focuses on the deployment of ICT Infrastructure like the E-board, the multi-purpose Printers and Note PCs - as well as comprehensively on infrastructure deployment, professional development of educators, content development and management, school administration and management as well as sharing best practices in the integration of ICTs in enhancing learning and teaching, in the classroom.

Addressing a common resource challenge faced by several rural African communities, they are piloting Solar-powered Internet Schools as part of the program.

The e-board allows for cross-group collaboration between and among educators and learners across geographical boundaries. It can embed the Note PC, run a video conferencing, access the internet, and connect to the Note PCs in the lab, all simultaneously, providing an amazing learning and teaching experience for the educators and learners.

Teachers & Trainers

Face to face sessions allow for real-time interaction and discussions of difficult issues, allowing every student to receive additional guidance as needed.

Libya Tawergha Development Training


The Tawergha Foundation stands by the fact that face-to-face training has the highest impact and should preferably be provided by skilled professionals from Tawergha.

By employing teachers and trainers from Tawergha we accomplish multiple foundation goals.

Technology has facilitated new ways of learning that influence the preparation of teachers. Unfortunately, it has created as many problems for teacher education as it has solved. One major problem is to assure that beginning teachers are skilled in the use of technology in their teaching and learning, and that this positively affects the students in their classrooms.

We will provide IT & E-learning resources for the teachers & trainers. They will translate the course materials in Arabic so their students may benefit. By offering them and their students the newest technology in IT, this knowledge will trickle down to the people of Tawergha.

The Arabic E-learning content shall be shared between other refugee camps and eventually be sold on the Arabic IT Training Portal hosted by Tawergha, to other Arabic speaking countries.

Face-to-face training sessions with Arabic speaking trainers in the classroom enable constructive dialogue and provide time for students to work through and learn from real examples.

This foundation makes every effort to commit time and resources to educate and empower the youth of Tawergha.

Provide Development

actions & results

Tawergha Foundation Actions & Results


We have created a dedicated page with actions and results as we didn't have enough room here. Click this link to check out what we are doing.

 Linkedin Laptop Campaign 2014

Major IT tech companies like Microsoft, Symantec, SAP, Adobe and Worknets have qualified us as a foundation deserving their support by providing us with free software for the educational and communication centers. This enables us to provide the classroom and training resources within the next couple of months and next week we will start the Linked Laptop Campaign to ask nearly 1000 Dutch companies for their spare laptops which  we will use as educational platforms for the Youth for Tawergha organization.

 Development Projects 2013

We have been very busy aranging multiple projects for development and we hope that the effort we made will start to pay off in the beginning of 2014. The linkedin laptop campaign is set for february 2014 where we will request the support from thousands of businesses in the Netherlands to donate their second hand laptops for educational purposes in the Tawergha IDP camps and another project in the Benghazi IDP camp for educational purposes for girls and women is on its way. Keep your eyes on the 'what can I do page' where we post the results.   

 Samsung CSR project...

18 November 2013

Today we asked Samsung  to include the youth of Tawergha  in their Africa project: Solar-Powered Internet School and we recieved a reply from the Director IT & B2B solutions in Africa who has forwarded the request to the Samsung head office in Korea. Thank you Thierry!

Microsoft E-learning Project...

18 November 2013

Today we asked Microsoft Learning  in the Netherlands to offer assistence with OS licenses  for IT training & e-learning courses  for  the Youth in Tawergha. Microsoft Learning in the Netherlands has responded that they could possibly arrange the licenses for training hardware and has contacted the Microsoft 4 Afrika Academy to ask if they can assist the Youth of Tawergha with courses and training material. Thank you Microsoft!

US Partnership Program...

18 November 2013

Next week we will contact the US Embassy to ask them how the youth of Tawergha may benefit from their Partnership program.

New Libya Foundation...

18 November 2013

We have made contact with the New Libya Foundation in Misurata and asked them  to consider  a partnership for reconciliation purposes with Youth from Tawergha and Misrata. They have send us a reply that they would like to meet with the Youth of Tawergha in Tripoli to speak about the possibilities. Thank you Rihab!

IT Training & Resources...

8 November 2013

Today we offered free IT training & resources for the people of Tawergha and recieved a reply with UN contact person details. We will follow up on this in December.

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