Latest campaign News

We have posted the current results for the running campaigns below.

 Friends for Tawergha campaign

Last week we added more then 50 New Friends For Tawergha to the Special Thank You Page!

Let them Go E-mail campaign

The e-mail messages, scripts and mailing lists are ready to go so give it a try and  let us know if we should change anything at all.

Avaaz campaign for Tawergha

The Avaaz For Tawergha Campaign is up and running. It's quick, easy and sends a crystal clear message.

Linkedin Laptop campaign

Spare them your old laptop and we'll collect it, flush the drives and enroll them with a new OS and educational software for the Tawergha Youth Development Program.

Cyber Cubes Project

We have set up a joined venture with the Dutch PC & Work Foundation to build the Cyber Cubes. 20FT shipping containers are rebuild as serverrooms for the IDP camps to host the educational platform.

Special Thank You!

We have created a Special Thank You Page for all those people and organizations who provided this foundation the means and resources to help the Youth from Tawergha.

Friends For Tawergha Campaign
Libya Tawergha E-mail Campaign
Libya Tawergha Avaaz Action Stop Torture
Libya Tawergha Linkedin Laptop Campaign
Tawergha Foundation Cyber Cubes Project
Libya Tawergha Foundation Thank You!
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