Donate & Support Tawergha

Your contributions will directly make a real difference for the refugees from Tawergha.

The foundation founders pay for all management, fundraising, accounting and technology expenses, so 100% of your donations are spent on the victims of the crimes against humanity.

The families from Tawergha are currently hold up in the middle of the dessert on the border of their town being contained there by armed militias from Misrata.

They really could use financial support to buy water pumps and other essential life safing equipment.

We have added the bank account information below which will directly make your funds available for them:

Bank name: Attijari Bank

Account name: Youth for Tawergha Organization

Account number: TN59 04059147004445479172

Swift Code: BSTUTNTT


The Tawergha Foundation pursues the following objectives:


Advance the return of the refugees from Tawergha to their village.


Create awareness inside and outside Libya for their situation.


Provide development for the population of Tawergha through training and courses.


Promote employment and self- sufficiency for the people of Tawergha.


Obtain justice and compensation for the victims from Tawergha.

Latest Campaign News

We have posted the current results for the running campaigns below.

Friends For Tawergha Campaign

Friends For Tawergha Campaign

Last week we added more then 50 New Friends For Tawergha to the Special Thank You Page!

Libya Tawergha E-mail Campaign

Let Them Go E-mail Campaign

The e-mail messages, scripts and mailing lists are ready to go so give it a try and  let us know if we should change anything at all.

Libya Tawergha Avaaz Action Stop Torture

Avaaz Campaign For Tawergha

The Avaaz For Tawergha Campaign is up and running. It's quick, easy and sends a crystal clear message.

Libya Tawergha Linkedin Laptop Campaign

Linkedin Laptop Campaign

Spare them your old laptop and we'll collect it, flush the drives and enroll them with a new OS and educational software for the Tawergha Youth Development Program.

Libya Tawergha Foundation Thank You!

Special Thank You!

We have created a Special Thank You Page for all those people and organizations who provided this foundation the means and resources to help the Youth from Tawergha.

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