Improve Employment Chances for the Youth of Tawergha


Being employed is an important way that people belong and contribute to their community.

When people work they:

  • have a sense of belonging
  • are happier, and more self-confident
  • have more friendships and social opportunities
  • have greater financial security and independence
  • expand their skills and abilities

IT training & E-learning

Libya Tawergha IT training e-learning

By offering employment to IT professionals from Tawergha as IT trainers & teachers we will contribute to two key goals this foundation has set as its target.

The trainers & teachers from Tawergha will enlarge their skill set with our support and resources and they in turn will deliver high quality training and e-learning to their students.

At this moment we are busy collecting and organizing all the hardware for the classrooms and we have contacted Microsoft Learning in the Netherlands to supply the licenses and they have introduced us to the Microsoft 4 Africa program which may help us to achieve our goal. We have presented our battle plan to the Youth for Tawergha Foundation and they will arrange the premises in the camps. We hope to provide the necessary equipment for the first classrooms in January.

Mobile Solar Powered Business

We think it's a good idea to start mobile solar powered businesses like ice-cream, kebab, coffee, fast-food or kiosk vans. This foundation would provide the financial support for the people of Tawergha to buy the secondhand vans and the required equipment and the technical experts and the project participants from Tawergha will build and exploit the vans.

We think mobile businesses are a great solution for the time being as they can make a living as long as they are stuck in their refugee situation but they can use them as transport vans on the day they will be permitted to go home to Tawergha.

Libya Tawergha Mobile Solar Powered Business

Dairy & Poultry

Libya Tawergha Poultry Project

The large-scale fully integrated poultry and dairy project at Tawergha used to offer jobs, dairy & poultry products and other opportunities as work related training & education.

During the NATO bombing & Misrata militia raids the poultry & dairy project has been destroyed and the remaining assets have been dismantled.

The Dutch Agribusiness fact-finding report suggests that the Al-Naseem Dairy Project in Mistrata has privatized all assets from former national dairy projects in Libya. We will ask mister Mohammed Raied (the owner) to assist the people of Tawergha with setting up a new dairy & poultry project by returning part of the assets they took. We think this would be a welcome and fair contribution to the reconciliation process.

Promote Employment

actions & results

Tawergha Foundation Actions & Results


We have created a dedicated page with actions and results as we didn't have enough room here. Click this link to check out what we are doing.

Jobs and small businesses 2014

We have decided to use the donations and funding to start small businesses in Benghazi run by Tawerghans to provide them with jobs and income and a oppertunity to buy large amounts of merchandise for a good price so they can make a profit (which will be used for new projects) and the same time they can supply the Tawerghans in the IDP camps with resources for less money. The first 2000 emails asking Arabic businesses for support and donations are being send as we write this entry. We will send 11.500 emails in total to start of with.

Employment projects 2013

We haven't been able to do anything substantial on this foundation goal yet as we are still running the preparation campaigns to support the actions we have prepared. Once we have run the Dutch linkedin laptop campaign and the email campaign requesting for financial support targeting 11.500 businesses in N-Africa and the middle east, we will be able to act on the plans we have for this important issue.

Al-Naseem Dairy Project...

18 November 2013

Today we send an e-mail to the Al-Naseem dairy factory in Misrata and asked them to assist us in returning part of the confiscated Tawergha Dairy & Poultry resources and commit to their part of the reconciliation process by contributing with their youth development project. We recieved a reply that they would forward our mail to the owner of the company.

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